about dizparity


    The alias of Taipei-based electronic music composer/ DJ, Po Cheng Yeh, Dizparity makes genre-bending atmospheric dance music. In 2016, he signed with Taiwanese electronic music label, Dark Paradise Records, releasing “Disparity” and “Faintish Cycle” EP. Single, ‘Wick’, was nominated by the Golden Indie Music Awards for best electronic single of the year. In 2017, Dizparity released his debut album entitled "Night Phase," with sound designs evolving towards experimental and diverse synthesizer ambience textures. "Night Phase" consists of multiple rudimental genres of dance music, ranging from bpm 75 to 139. It also includes the jazzy electronica ‘Mirage’, and the modern dance inspired music video tune ‘Silhouette’. In July 2018, the sophomore album, Iridescent, was released. With the versatile touch of the mandarin indie pop featuring vocalists, Iridescent came with the single releases of “Midnight Train”, “Dreamy Shadows” ,“Ceased” , “Sugarcoated”.


來自臺北電子音樂家/製作人葉柏成的化名,Dizparity善於創作富含意像的舞曲音樂,2016年初簽約於派樂黛唱片,發行了首張Disparity EP,單曲《芯Wick》則入圍了2016金音獎最佳電子音樂單曲,年底釋出第二張EP《Faintish Cycle 微弱週期》,曲風囊括了長期深受影響的drum & bass, deep house, synthwave及環境音樂元素。2017年7月發行了首張專輯Night Phase 《夜相 Night Phase》,聲音趨向實驗與更多元的合成器電子環境聲響融合。多元的曲風融合包含了具電子爵士特色的的《蜃樓 Mirage》以及啓發現代舞概念MV的《剪影 Silhouette》。

隔年8月發表的第二張專輯《斑斕 Iridescent》則邀請來了多位華語獨立/流行歌手共同創作,《深夜列車 Midnight Train》、《夢幻泡影 Dreamy Shadows》、《不再 Ceased》及《糖衣 Sugarcoated》為2018年隨著《斑斕 Iridescent》發行的單曲作品。